February 18, 2009

drakeSo Far Gone was and is thee shit. Go and hate (to your girl) that Drizzy just put you in a twirl. Or eat a pile a feces–you jerk! The tape hit on a lotta levels.

Seven The good R&B is back (see A Night Off). The R&B beats on the tape were refreshing; the spare and slow approach is the way to go. Llyod and Trey sound better with Drake, huh? Brand New is bad R&B though. Sounds like a bad track from a Ray J album. LOL, think it over.

6 Killing other people’s beats. Ye. Lykke Li. Peter Bjorn & John. And if YOU think Jay Z. The fact that Drake can dabble and have rap fans still bump Little Bit, Unstoppable and Lets Call It Off is noteworthy.

Five Swagger is a top priority to Drake. Just the way he flows on a track is so cocky; oddly, though, it’s a polite cocky. And usually I hate swagger with rappers! A few lines: “the game need change and im the motherfuckin cashier”… “even when the phantom is leased the hoes want to get in”… “double cup love you’re the one i lean on”… “diss me you’ll never hear a reply for it.”

4 Emulation (aka I wanna be Drizzy)…

Three Depth. Listen to The Calm. “to make everybody happy i think i would need a clone.” And that shit about Memphis, Tenn. Uh-oh!

2 Think! Can I just hear my thoughts for a sec, fuck! All this damn rap interrupts me pondering me. Those first three tracks, damn! Space allows me to chill and think. Lust For Life is magical: I float. “it funny when you comin in first you just hope that you last, that it lasts.” Houstatlantavegas is like the anti-club song. “ass low ass low i always request you.” Successful is Drake’s coming out party plain and simple. All this while Drake philosophizes.

One Um… too much Young Money. Did Weezy fuck up this tape or not? IDK you tell me.


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