GaGa GaGa GaGa

April 1, 2009

Not in accordance with the video above but Asher Roth is wack and overhyped. Fuck the Bread Aisle!!!

Through the Sieve 4.1.09



March 25, 2009

Now hasn’t the pub on Asher Roth & Kid Cudi been overwhelming!?! C’mon, y’all ain’t even drop yet and blogs & co. are hailing them these two as the next big things. Still at a loss for all y’all going ape shit w/ Cudi.

Through the Sieve 3.25.09


The Sky Might Fall

March 11, 2009


been busy.used that excuse before. still haven’t listened to thee wack joe buddden album, lol.

Through the Sieve 3.11.09

off to new york.



February 27, 2009

The first 20 seconds. That’s all I have to say. Phoenix’s 1901

The projector is genious. These two are dope together, go┬áhear ’em. Here’s Mary.

Through the Sieve 2.27.09


The Black Gallagher

February 27, 2009

Don’t call it a comeback, please. Cam is too funny. IDK how to take his recent music. Some are calling it hard. Okay. I’m older now and don’t take Cam seriously. Those four songs that have leaked are quite regular along with the beats. On the flip side, I still hold some vintage Cam verbage (“duck, duck, say goose“) to heart–who couldn’t?

See the Get It In Ohio┬ávideo since I cannot seem to post OnSmash shit on WordPress yet… as Pusha T would exclaim Yuuuuck! Are they slangin in an MPX!?! Like the fact Cam brought it outside but what’s with those awful colored jackets? And a Dodgers hat in Chicago?

Through the Sieve 2.25.09



February 27, 2009

As Always Lupe has something profound to say. Why is he like the last real rapper alive?

Never seen Go Go Gadget live…

Or that wicked tight verse off Everybody Nose.

PS: Lupe’s been all over the U.S. but hasn’t been to my city (MPLS)since the The Cool dropped (minus the GITD).


Cudi Meets Television

February 20, 2009

So Cudi is schizophrenic? And that Hispanic grandma, an owl, is Cudi’s imminent death. LOL on the Prince sighting. Cool first video, like the cartoon feel. However the dreamy cartoons (dogs and witches and goblins) were like Manny Rameriz (from left field dummy!!!) and kiddy.

Through the Sieve 2.20.09